Can we all wake up and get a proper hold of ourselves? Can we stop thinking of all our problems, especially the minister’s driver’s shooting, as political?

To quote the Prime Minister can we wake up and smell the coffee?

Not that any coffee would have the whiff of horror that has now gripped this land as a result of an incident which saw a policeman shoot at a foreigner who fled.

There are too many stories, too many innuendos, too many things going wrong and awry. There is too much going on and whatever your politics, whatever you think of Joseph Muscat and his men, this has, for many of us,now gone way beyond a joke or a simple shoot-out.

There have been too many cover-ups and too much interference in the normal progression of inquiries. It is now way beyond scary—and unless we forget our politics, our bickering and our bitching we will not move on.

The victim is not the political class alone, it is society in general. All this has happened yet we have politicians trying to score points about hymens and honoraria.

Now is the time to join forces and find and kill—or at least name and shame—the monster, before it destroys us all. 


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