Beyond our shores people pay tribute to Daphne. While here, on this blighted rock, Owen and his sad lot spew rubbish to defend the indefensible. They pontificate about the money spent to clean a memorial, saying more trash than the cleansing department has handled in its entire existence.

If we weren’t living through a horrible nightmare, this would be worthy of a prize for the most hilarious show on earth.

But, sadly for Owen and the other horrors around him, the more they try to make us, and the world, forget Daphne’s name, the more her name turns into a living, energising symbol. And symbols can be more powerful than anything in this world.

You keep erasing and deleting and cleansing and clearing but the symbol grows stronger, hardier. It is impossible to eradicate.

Owen and co: if your conscience was clear, you would not spew garbage but you would honour Daphne and all who seek justice.

Deface the memorial till kingdom come but Daphne, her words, her pen and the pursuit for the truth live on forever.


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