Yobetit’s three furry companions Skeeve, Lilly, and Peppa are integral additions to the company, not only in the office but also within the company’s daily practices.

The brand logo is, in fact, a depiction of the oldest office-dog Skeeve, and all three of the dogs are heavily included in the company’s vision. The dogs inspire the four qualities implemented within the brand: loyalty and trust, awareness, companionship and rewards.

Just as dogs show loyalty and trust, the company maintains the same qualities. Within the gaming industry loyalty and trust are at the forefront of all interactions - between the customer and the company, business-to-business, and between Yobetit employees. Yobetit maintains exceptional practices to ensure everyone involved with the company are safe and supported, always, even the dogs.

Within Yobetit the quality of awareness also plays an important role. Being aware of external happenings as well as internal ones is critical within the business. Awareness between employees, customers, the market, ethics and work practices all fit into the bigger picture of running a successful company.

Along with awareness comes patience and acceptance, as without them the ability to have awareness is blocked - and that’s where the dogs come in.

One of the main benefits of working with animals is that they provide an additional sense of social support creating a buffer for stress and mood disorders. The dogs at Yobetit teach the employees the importance of balancing work and fun, and how important it is to take a break for a quick pat, walk or cuddle.

“Having the dogs in the office helps to keep the mood uplifted at all times, and stress levels down. The dogs bring us all together offering a real sense of comradeship, teamwork, and satisfaction,” said COO Andre Genovese.

“Having Skeeve, Lilly, and Peppa in the office cheers us up. They let out a bark from time-to-time reminding us they are here or alerting us of new people. They really keep us grounded and able to put our best foot forward,” said human resources manager Roberta Vella.

Companionship is imperative to maintaining solidarity within the team. Happy employees get results. At Yobetit, it’s hard not to be happy when working with the three delightful dogs Skeeve, Lilly, and Peppa. Furthermore, the company holds monthly activities to keep the company working as a team and to help be the very best they can be in the office and in their personal lives.

Yobetit offers its players and employees the best rewards possible as frequently as possible. Players are offered bonuses throughout the year to keep players happy, and employees are also rewarded monthly based on their value to other employees, as well as to the company.

Overall, the dogs at Yobetit are a great addition to the team as they affect the morale, create balance and serve as a daily reminder of what the Yobetit brand means: loyalty and trust, awareness, companionship and rewards.

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