Nobody can deny that only a few hundred turn up for any event commemorating Daphne Caruana Galizia. It’s truer still - and crueller - that few youths care enough to come.

But this is not a numbers game; numbers are obviously all in favour of Labour and all its glitz. The majority of Maltese people couldn't care a hoot about personal freedoms; all they care about is money tinkling in their tin boxes.

This is the way of the world, or rather of this accursed land where Joseph Muscat keeps winning support even if his record in governance is as good as the moral rectitude of a gentleman’s club owner’s.

If we, the shufflers who attend these memorials, are so few and insignificant why are the authorities, or whoever is behind the vilification of anything connected to Daphne, so ruffled by what we do?

If the groups that have sprouted up consist of some mere sluts, Daphne fans and witch-lovers, why is it so imperative that their actions are criticised and worse?

If no one, except the few, care about Daphne, why were the billboards advocating justice for her removed? Surely this was not necessary.

If no one, except the few, care about Daphne, why were the billboards advocating justice for her removed?

And surely, if she is not missed by too many, a few candles and flowers in front of our Great Siege monument can’t be too much of an eyesore.

This land is truly blighted. That we do not lead Slovakia in their defence of democracy and freedom of speech, those fragile things we should all cherish, is way beyond comprehension.

Slovakia is a land which only very recently shed the shackles of communism, so we would hardly have expected them to know as much as us, let alone more, how to tackle any onslaught on democracy. In this they have put us to shame.

Instead of defending democracy, and those symbols of a live and vibrant one, the Maltese authorities do everything to get rid of anything connected to Daphne or her memory. Or they in no way try to stop whoever is doing it.

Instead of condemning such barbarity and denouncing the clearing of the memorial they—the accursed authorities—keep quiet.

All this just proves how right Daphne’s last words were: that we are truly living in desperate times. However, clear the memorial they might, only for it to spring up again.


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