For most, the greatest challenge in our professional life in the past few months of 2020 was the work-life balance that we’ve been so keen to nurture. We’ve had to reshuffle our work patterns, find new methods to communicate with our colleagues and clients, and changed our working hours to suit our day. Through remote working, we’ve had to work across multiple systems to facilitate our daily tasks – and if you think about it, we’ve upped our office hours from eight per day to much more, simply because we’re at home. And the added hours haven’t necessarily translated into greater efficiency – rather, we’re finding it hard to maintain productivity in our routines. 

But the truth of the matter is that we’ve got to get our jobs done and the solution to getting through your work day without increased stress is organisation. Keeping an organised workspace no longer relates to your physical office desk, it’s more about the accessibility that you allow yourself while carrying out a task. And the easiest tool to an instantly accessible organisation? Cloud solutions.

Setting up a user-friendly cloud solution for your team could help them to improve their focus, set clear deadlines and track their progress. Many employers have taken this approach with their remote teams to ensure all targets are met while all team members are working as a community to achieve goals. Cloud solutions are beneficial to employers due to their pay-per-use pricing and constant access from desktop and mobile devices. 

DataByte dove headfirst into providing Cloud solutions through WorkForce and delivers its focus on HR functions seamlessly by relating them to modern day requirements of the human resources department. 

With increased pressure on aspects such as managing HR tasks, maintaining accurate employee records, payroll, leave management and work attendance, accessible systems are necessary to free up time for tasks that require more dedication and focus. The framework of HR now has changed, and with remote working here to stay, updating your HR practices could save you time and money in the long run.

So what has WorkForce done to facilitate these changes?

With sights firmly set on the future, the WorkForce creators were highly focused on delivering an easy-to-use system which can be accessed and used by every member of an organisation.

The system currently features HR task management, employee data and document storage, payroll, time & attendance tracking, leave and visitor management. These systems are accessible through the WorkForce Suite, on any internet-enabled device with a web browser, at any time. The system can also be accessed through a mobile app and an employee portal, to perform quick tasks and view relevant data.

WorkForce People is one of the modules in WorkForce facilitates the storage of employee documentation and custom employee data. This solution also helps with management of day-to-day HR tasks by creating a single reference point for all employee related material. With a clear calendar, structured storage system and easy-to-use platform, WorkForce People connects staff in an organised web of data. 

WorkForce system updates are deployed at no extra cost, keeping your HR systems up-to-date and ready. This system is also available with contactless punch clocks for efficient logging of Time & Attendance and has an optional API that allows to easily integrate with third-party systems. 

DataByte is one of Malta’s leading software companies, devoted to giving its clients the competitive edge they need for today’s workforce. With Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions at the forefront of their provisions, DataByte offers a platform for your organisation to perform HR tasks efficiently, while providing service to the employee. 

Are you looking for an HR system to store employee data, documents and manage your HR tasks, process payroll, manage leave requests, track employee time and attendance with contactless punch clocks or log the visitors that enter your premises

Get in touch with DataByte today to learn how WorkForce can transform your HR operations.  

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