It is indeed painful to consider how a glorious party, with a glorious history, a party full of lawyers, a party with loyal supporters, has become a shoddy, ill-managed set-up: I cannot call it a party at this stage.

There are various considerations to be looked into. It seems that the Nationalist Party was never prepared to face the orga­nised Labour Party after the massive Labour victory of 2013.

The next sign of incompetence came with the screening of leadership candidates. How things have evolved: it is now being asked whether Adrian Delia is a Trojan horse. Personally I do not believe this; however, Daphne Caruana Galizia, may she rest in peace, did indicate why Dr Delia was unfit for such a position, and yet the bright lads who were supposed to vet candidates failed in their task.

However, when the harm was irrevocably done, the PN chiefs thought of forging ahead, while we, the public, were seeing a very evident drift within the parliamentary group. We were also seeing glee (naturally) on the government side.

Where are the PN ‘advisers’? Or does the PN still think that it does not need advice? I have a feeling that the chaps occupying paid positions in the party are happy with their monthly salary, while their new NET FM blares out inanities.

Is the PN dealing with the allegations surrounding Dr Delia? Is the PN aware that the longer it sweeps these things under the carpet, the more it strengthens the Labour Party?

When a patient is diagnosed with a serious affliction, there is very often only one way to save that person – surgery.