When I read articles with a lot of practical considerations about the economy and general well-being, but with no consideration for the climate problem, I at once label the writers as ecology sceptics. 

They are like people in a sinking ship who do not realise that it is sinking.

 They may have extremely good reasons for making very good arrangements in their cabins but do nothing about stopping the leakage. And it’s worse when they discourage others from doing and bearing something even quite painful in order to save the ship, our only planet. 

Even if impossible things are not so alarming, I am perfectly sure that what we are asked to do, to bear and to sacrifice, is for our greater benefit and especially that of our children. 

Especially there is the moral issue that so-called rightists work against, of not limiting our choices, and our voting, to immediate selfish interests. 

The alarmists are asking us to sacrifice ourselves for a cleaner atmosphere and a greener world and to use the limitless energy of the sun. I am sure, and there are many expert studies to prove that this would be very beneficial for our lungs as well as our pockets, even if they had no effect on climate change. 

Other studies indicate that in spite of teething troubles the benefits are already beginning to show just as the effects of climate change are doing.


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