A police decision not to issue a permit for aerial fireworks for St Paul's feast was reversed this morning, informed sources said.

It is understood that the decision was reversed following government intervention. The planned show this evening (from 9.30pm) will therefore go ahead. There will also be fireworks tomorrow morning and evening. 

The Ghaqda tal-Pawlini complained yesterday that for the first time in 17 years, permits for the aerial fireworks display as part of the feast of St Paul have been withheld. 

The authorities refused to issue the permits after Heritage Malta objected to the fireworks being fired off the breakwater, claiming the blast could affect artefacts found at the new Fort St Elmo museum.  

But Antoine Farrugia, speaking for the Ghaqda tal-Pawlini this morning, said Heritage Malta withdrew its objection this morning following a meeting. The Ghaqda had also raised its insurance coverage from €500,000 to €1m. 

He insisted that the petards would pose no risk to the artefacts as they would be fired away from St Elmo and would explode some 250 metres away over the sea.

The feast of St Paul is being celebrated this weekend since, for the first time in nearly 80 years, February 10 will mark the start of Lent.

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