Accuracy in business is a serious matter nowadays, as a lack of it can lead to dire consequences. Fritz Energy is well aware of the concerns expressed by the local fuel retail sector operators – most of them can be traced back to inaccurate practices when measuring the volume of the underground fuel tank. Such shortcomings are the main contributor to defective stock management and revenue loss.

To deal with this problem Fritz Energy is now providing the Gilbarco Veeder Root Automatic Tank Gauging product line. The product line flagship, the TLS 450, together with the Magflex Measurement Probes, is suitable for all tank sizes, capacities and fuel grades. It can eliminate the pressing issues concerning fuel dispensing operators.

Such a solution provides a highly accurate, automatic, real time wet stock quantification and management for all the fuel grades stored and dispensed within a facility. The collaboration with an internationally renowned supplier in the fuel retail sector gives Fritz Energy a unique position which allows it to solve such problems. Stock shortage, surplus or reconciliation issues become a thing of the past with Fritz Energy.

Fritz Energy is the distributor for Gilbarco’s Automatic Tank Gauging solutions. For more information visit, call on 7979 7055 or e-mail


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