An exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture by Gozitan artist Joseph Sagona (b.1942) was inaugurated at the Banca Giuratale in Independence Square, Victoria. Sagona, a painter, sculptor, decorator and designer, is best known for his stucco decorations in various ecclesiastical establishments, as well as in private residences.

The exhibition – Sagona’s third personal show – is entitled The Spirit of Decoration and epitomises the artist’s authentic spirit, characterised by simplicity and elegance. The works on display encompass different genres, including landscape painting, religious and secular works, as well as decorative schemes. The pencil drawings and decorative inventions demonstrate Sagona’s mastery in the ornamental language.

Sagona’s extensive oeuvre in design and decoration has been translated into various media, including silver, wood, marble, bronze, stucco and embroidery.

Sagona received his early artistic training under Prof. Giambattista Conti and Giuseppe Galea.  He also studied with Giuseppe Briffa and Marco Montebello.

The exhibition runs until January 27.


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