I try hard to avoid commenting about our political class. They, unfortunately, are becoming ever more like the three-legged horse by the entrance to Valletta. They sit on pedestals, they look good but have something intrinsically wrong in their design. The more I look at the ┼╝ieme the more I love him.

Strange thing to discuss, I hear my readers say, on the 50th Anniversary of our Independence. The fact that the two main parties have bandied together to celebrate should be my cue to say how great we are in this land of ours where we get together and celebrate a momentous day in unity.

What total rubbish!

Not the day itself. Like all birthdays, especially the half-century celebration, it was great to see us reach middle-age still strong and resilient. But isn’t it pathetic that, by agreeing to celebrate and enjoy a fireworks display together, we think we have reached maturity?

While all this silliness was being bandied about our man (or one of six) in Brussels decided to abstain from voting in a crucial vote regarding Ukraine. I haven’t yet heard any comment from the PN let alone from the Labour Movement about this horrendous abstention. And if anything was said not enough was said and done. 

It was a stain on our reputation, a terrible vote that makes us seem to be in cahoots with the madmen of Europe—the Eurosceptics, the far right, the ones who do not really believe in the EU being the vanguard of liberty and freedom.

At a time when the horrors of the Cold War and visions of a hot one are rearing up their ugly heads, the Alfred Sant maverick vote scares the everything out of me.

Let’s forget the anniversary bonhomie—let’s hear it from our leaders that we are four-square in solidarity with Ukraine and that the abstention needs to be condemned with no reserves.

Perhaps the sculptor of the grand equine piece in Valletta would change him from a horse into a disfigured ass—that would depict our politicians most graphically, standing where it does opposite their new parliament house.






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