The Divorce Movement has declared victory in the divorce referendum, and the Prime Minister has conceded.

The PL said the 'yes' camp appears to have won 52% of the vote, with the 'no' camp winning 48%. PN sources said the 'yes' victory could be as big as 54% with a vote difference of 18,000.

Deborah Schembri and Evarist Bartolo both declared victory. Bartolo said the sun was shining on Malta and a different more humane Malta was being born.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi conceded. He said the result was not what he wished for, but the will of the people had to be respected and Parliament would enact a law for the introduction of divorce.

This, he said, was not an easy process but Malta needed to build its future with the priority being family unity and the welfare of the children. 

The result became known in under an hour after the vote-counting process started.

Deborah Schembri while welcoming the result, said those who had opposed divorce 'need not worry'.

This law, she said, would not affect them. This was a right which people could opt not to exercise.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was elated. He said he would now take a holiday with his family, but he looked forward to piloting the divorce bill in Parliament.

Alternattiva Demokratika said the voice of reason had prevailed.

Most districts in Malta voted in favour of divorce including all the labour-leaning districts as well as the 10th' District (Sliema) which returned a strong yes vote. Gozo returned a strong 'no' vote.

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