Now more than ever, online gamers and gamblers from all walks of life are embracing a new form of entertainment. While many individuals enjoy traditional forms of gaming such as those enjoyed via consoles and personal computers, others are flocking to virtual settings where the ability to win big – in real-life terms – is a possibility.

Online gambling has grown to be a massive enterprise, with several billion dollars spent every single year in the United States alone (the global number is several times that amount). Players from every corner of the planet are finding enjoyment, entertainment and profit through the use of online casinos, which strip away many of the expensive frills and pressures associated with traditional, in-person gambling.

A plethora of regulations and laws exist from country to country that regulate how (and whether) residents can gamble, and under what circumstances. The same is true for online casinos that operate in various parts of the world. With that being said, what are the most popular online gambling jurisdictions in the world?

Keep reading to learn about the three biggest examples.


Scandinavian countries easily top the list of popular online gambling jurisdictions, but Sweden is in a tier of its own. Having one of the highest rates of online gambling per capita in the world, Sweden’s residents enjoy the overall flexibility of online casinos both domestically and abroad. In 2019, Swedish online casino operators reported revenues of more than $2.5 billion - that’s equivalent to $400 per resident, and comprises close to 5 percent of the global online casino market share for the same year.

Discovering which Sweden-based casinos offer the best deals and gaming flexibility is easy enough. Through sites like Hajper, players from all over the world can compare a variety of online casinos and find which ones are best for them.

However, recent temporary restrictions have subdued some of the revenues previously seen in the country. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Swedish government restricted Swedes from depositing more than $500 per week into online casinos and restricted bonuses to approximately $12 (100 SEK). These measures were taken to minimise excessive gambling behavior believed to be a threat during such difficult economic and social times. These restrictions are set to expire in January 2021.


Smaller jurisdictions throughout the world often offer the best potential for gamblers and casinos alike. Through a combination of reduced taxes and regulation, many online gambling platforms decide to incorporate in these locales – with Malta being a prime example.

Malta is an excellent choice for online casinos wishing to easily access European gambling markets. While it can take a bit of time to secure a licence, the combined fees and long-term taxes associated with online gambling operations in Malta are among some of the lowest in the world.

Currently, there are hundreds of online casinos registered in Malta, making it one of the densest gambling locales in the world when measured by population per casino. Chances are good that if you have ever gambled via multiple online casinos, at least one of them was registered and licensed in Malta.

Isle of Man

Many online casino operators understand that access to select markets is a crucial component of a successful international casino operation. As such, many choose to incorporate and licence themselves in places where despite the increased regulation and taxes, the benefits still outweigh the disadvantages. One such jurisdiction that online gambling platforms wish to access is the United Kingdom – and the simplest way to do so is to operate in the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency. Online casinos that choose to operate in the Isle of Man do so often because while technically part of the UK, the dependency has the ability to enforce its own casino laws (while still allowing UK residents to access its online casinos).

Online casinos operating in the Isle of Man are generally well-established entities. Small-scale and first-time online casino operations generally don’t open their virtual doors here, as there is a hefty initial price for Isle of Man casino licensing. However, once established, casino operators can enjoy a variety of benefits (from low casino taxes to zero capital gains tax). As such, hundreds of online casinos are currently incorporated and licensed on this small European island. 

Whether you are a player or a casino operator, online gambling platforms tend to be found clustered within a handful of jurisdictions. As such, these three online gambling jurisdictions are among some of the friendliest places to both groups and will undoubtedly be considerations when choosing where to licence or play.

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