“If six environmentalists chain themselves to Auberge de Castille, we call it advocacy. But when priests speak out they are accused of imposition.”

Lecturer, blogger - Fr Joe Borg (January 10)

“Those who know me closely know I’m not the Toni Abela they project me to be”

Labour Party deputy leader - Toni Abela (January 17)

“The authorities have surrounded themselves with people who think they know too much for their own good”

Former Enemalta chairman - Tancred Tabone (January 24)

“The budget of one evening on Rai is what we get in a whole year”

Former PBS chairman - Clare Thake Vassallo (January 31)

“That exercise should have never taken place. The weather clearly showed how the day would unfold”

Gunner Matthew Psaila’s father - Twanny Psaila (February 14)

“There are various interpretations of what constitutes a boat in distress”

AFM Commander - Martin Xuereb (February 21)

“I believe people are intelligent enough, and when they realise a doctor is abusing the system and overcharging them they would go to another doctor”

Health Minister - Joe Cassar (February 28)

“It is easy to sit at a desk and order others around but at the end it is only the Italian boats that went out and rescued people in the Maltese search and rescue area”

Former Italian Ambassador - Andrea Trabalza (March 7)

“This (Valletta) project will be signed by Renzo Piano and nobody else”

Prime Minister - Lawrence Gonzi (March 14)

“If I don’t call my wife, if I don’t say a prayer, then I feel I’ll have bad luck”

Boyzone frontman - Ronan Keating (March 21)

“Life has changed and the reasons for an annulment today should be different from those the Church established 10 years ago”

Fr Hilary Tagliaferro (March 28)

“People always accused me of throwing the baby away, but it was never the case. I had just wanted to hide him from my mother”

‘Shoebox baby’ mother - Karen Grech (April 4)

“Crises are also opportunities. And these are very good opportunities for us to grow”

Vatican official - Mgr Charles Scicluna (April 11)

“There is no difference between the resistance shipyard workers put up against the Curia... and that which Mother Teresa put up in India”

Ex-shipyards union official - Sammy Meilaq (April 25)

“You want to be a pro-Palestinian (campaigner)? Fine. Do it from Valletta or do it from Gaza city”

Israeli Ambassador - Gideon Meir (May 2)

“Some called me fat and ugly, and described my song as ordinary”

Eurovision singer - Thea Garrett (May 16)

“The indication is that although we will be operating at a loss, the situation should improve”

Air Malta CEO - Joe Cappello (May 30)

“The idea that someone is plotting to bring the government down is a fairytale”

Nationalist Party whip - David Agius – June 6