“In this business, 80 per cent of football agents are crooks”

Footballer - Daniel Bogdanovic (June 20)

“I am not authoritarian and it is a great challenge for me whenever I have to impose a decision”

Archbishop - Paul Cremona (June 27)

“In certain circumstances, I would say it is almost the party’s Christian duty to introduce divorce”

Philosopher, columnist - Peter Serracino Inglott (July 11)

“There will come a time when we will say we can’t let a particular airline grow beyond a certain figure”

MTA CEO - Josef Formosa Gauci (July 18)

“The situation was not serious but devastating: ST had decided to leave”

Finance Minister - Tonio Fenech (July 25)

“The message is clear: Watch it because you’re going to pay for it”

Mepa chairman - Austin Walker (August 1)

“You had to be good at the 100 metres sprint to cover the political meetings because they were always chasing us”

Former The Times photographer - Frank Attard (August 8)

“If the Prime Minister asks me to leave, then I will just get out of politics”

Former Sliema mayor - Nikki Dimech (August 22)

“Sometimes I am appalled by the way some lawyers behave in family law cases”

Former Chief Justice - Vincent De Gaetano (September 5)

“No authority or government would dare stop the production of fireworks”

Lija fireworks secretary - Joseph Mangion (September 12)

“Mintoff came up to me and warned me I risked being shot if I forged ahead with the threat”

Former Labour Minister - Daniel Micallef (October 3)

“I’m not worried about the physical pain (after the car accident); that will heal. It’s the emotional and spiritual side that is the hardest”

US Ambassador - Douglas Kmiec (October 10)

“In principle I am against submitting minority rights to referendums but if that is a political solution so be it”

Judge - Giovanni Bonello (October 17)

“For every person who tried to help I met someone who wanted to bring me down”

Refugee - Zakaria Al Noor (October 24)

“Libya is open to any independent investigation as far as immigration is concerned”

Libyan Ambassador - Saadun Suayeh (October 31)

“It’s time to move on... I think it’s time to pave the way for other people”

Transport Minister - Austin Gatt (November 14)

“Our national team scheme is run by arrogant people who abuse their power”

MFA President - Norman Darmanin Demajo (December 5)

“Life is beautiful, despite the state I’m in”

Cancer sufferer - Annabelle Vassallo (December 18)