Game of Thrones fans are in for a treat as the team behind Comedy Knights give the comedy treatment to George RR Martin’s epic tale. Adam Brimmer finds out more from producer Wesley Ellul and actress Giulia Gatt.

Do you actually follow Game of Thrones?

Wesley: Up until six weeks ago, all I had seen was Episode 1, Season 1… about four times. It’s one of those shows I kept meaning to get down to watching but, you know, life sort of got in the way! But for the purposes of directing this show I was the perfect test audience as I could watch the first read through and see if it was funny in its own right. And it was!

Giulia GattGiulia Gatt

Following that first reading, though, I needed to become well accustomed with the story, characters and events of GoT (as fans know it) so as to make sure we’re actually doing justice to it with the fans themselves. Chris (Dingli) is a mega fan, and knows the show inside out so we made the perfect partnership.  

Giulia: Religiously, ever since binge watching the first season eight years ago!

Your favourite House is? And why?

Wesley: I am a fan of classic fantasy and can’t help but love the well-intentioned Starks. They are the Skywalkers of the saga. The family who you ultimately want to win. It may be a cliché, but it’s the kid in me wanting to see light triumph over dark.

Giulia: My initial thought was House Stark because of Ned, Arya and Jon, but there are other characters from other houses that I love much more than some of the other Stark kids. Like Lady Olenna from House Tyrell – the Queen of Thorns has the best zingers. Also, Dany! Why do I have to pick just one house?

So, what can we expect from this parody?Wesley: Just like the series itself, expect the unexpected. While we will be covering the entire eight seasons of Game of Thrones in the 60 minutes, we will be doing it in unconventional ways, looking at scenes from a different angle or making them as relatable to our audience as possible.

But more than anything else, expect to laugh a lot. We will have a lot of in jokes for the uber fans.

Giulia: We’ll be highlighting the most noteworthy moments of GoT, acting some out or conveying them through song – it is essentially a hilarious summary, coupled with drama that unfolds between the characters in the play.

I’m sure there are many obsessed GoT fans who take things super seriously – what will they take away from this?

Wesley: They will get to re-experience the show in a new light. We will be playing out scenes they love, which they will instantly recognise: re-imagining Westeros, talking about their pet peeves in the show and literally showcasing the awesome world of the Song of Fire and Ice.

Giulia: They will enjoy the unique portrayal of the more iconic scenes and the GoT super-fan insider jokes, and they will chuckle at the familiarity of trying to convince someone to watch GoT as well as trying to explain some of the more controversial aspects of the show.

Will the production be given a ‘local’ angle?

Wesley: The Comedy Knights are behind this, so what else would you expect? Seriously, yes, because the series has a lot of connections to Malta from a filming aspect. Hey, it could be  a foreshadowing of what could happen in Malta when Joseph leaves his iron throne in Castille, right? 

GoT in 60 minutes: The Unauthorised Parody takes place between May 31 and June 9 at the MADC Clubrooms, Santa Venera. Tickets are available online.


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