Adrian Delia is determined to keep trying to dupe those who follow his speeches by inventing downright fabrications. After having claimed the week before, that Joseph Muscat “wants elderly people to die (which includes me, of course) in order to make way for others”, he invented another classic ‘gem’.

Delia said that the Minister of Education, who is doing wonders for the education of our children and grandchildren, “is using containers as classes” at St Paul’s Bay government school, adding that our dear country “has become a Third World country”. Delia knows that there are no containers at St Paul’s Bay school, nor anywhere else.

The “containers” he referred to are prefabricated classrooms, equipped with all the modern facilities and equipment, including air-conditioning, a whiteboard, computers etc. Besides, these prefabricated classrooms are a temporary measure while the new Qawra school is being built, which will open its doors in the near future.

Actually, it is the Nationalist Party, which Delia has turned into a Third World political party.


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