Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insisted in Parliament on Monday that those who repeated the "lies" about Egrant should have the "decency" to admit they were wrong. 

He was responding to questions by Opposition leader Adrian Delia on whether there would be a ministerial statement concerning the Egrant inquiry report.

In the first Parliamentary sitting after the summer recess, Dr Delia also repeatedly asked parliamentary secretary Deo Debattista - answering for justice minister Owen Bonnici who is out of the country - whether any experts had been hired to assist the Prime Minister and Cabinet with respect to the Egrant inquiry report, and to identify the expert and those making use of their expertise.

The questions followed Dr Bonnici’s refusal, in comments to the media on Monday morning, to identify who had been given a copy of the Egrant report.

Dr Debattista directed Dr Delia to make his request in writing to the minister himself, adding that any matters discussed in Cabinet were bound by professional secrecy.

Meanwhile, Opposition MP Karol Aquilina requested a ruling from the Speaker over the rejection of two parliamentary questions on the inquiry report.

In the two questions, addressed to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Dr Aquilina had asked when the inquiry report would be tabled, as well as to identify who had access to their report and their respective roles.

Mr Aquilina said the request had been turned down by the Speaker on the grounds that the matter at hand concerned private, not public, matter, arguing that the Egrant inquiry was very much a matter of public concern.

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