The government needs to realiseits slip is showing, especially regarding Gozo.

If privatising the Gozo General Hospital means we are having it so good, why did the government not privatise Mater Dei Hospital?

Which wisecrack came up with the brilliant idea of building a new school in an existing school? Agius de Soldanis School had such a proud history and will now be reduced to this state.

What purpose did the uprooting of trees at the old entrance of the hospital serve? It did not make the road any wider and a strip is still there behind which cars park. What it did was denude the area as had happened in other places like Nadur Square.

Will not an underground metro system better serve Gozo than a two-lane tunnel? It will make life much easier for Gozitan workers in Malta and tourists coming to Gozo while keeping Gozo as an island and protecting it from excessive traffic.

And when will the public swimming pool be delivered? I hear it is to be mostly for private use.

And what about the stairs leading from the bus terminus to St Francis Square?

And air transport using small fixed-winged aircraft from Gozo?

I am not seeing any new pro-jects that benefit the residents. I only see the unabated destruction of the little natural ridges we still have. The empty optimism expressed by the Gozo Minister does not impress me much.

Let us envisage Gozo and Malta in 10 years’ time. Will they be a better place to live in? Or will they become more claustrophobic, disorganised and an urban jungle with fewer open spaces and gentle hills and slopes and valleys?


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