Two men and a woman have been remanded in custody after being accused of association to traffic drugs.

The three were arrested in Qormi on Saturday in an incident which saw a police car being rammed as the men tried to get away after having been trapped by officers near a petrol station. Other cars were also damaged. Two of the men were arrested on the scene. One managed to flee but was arrested shortly after.

Keith Micallef, 28, Nowsan Morat, 29 and Shaian Bakoush, 21, were accused of possession of cocaine with intent to traffic, disobeying police orders, driving their Toyota Vitz in a dangerous manner, damaging two vehicles and failing to stop at the scene of a crash.

Micallef was also accused of committing a crime during the operative period of two suspended sentences.

The court was also asked to seize their assets on conviction.

All pleaded not guilty.

Prosecuting inspector Anthony Scerri objected to bail, saying this case involved a drugs ring and investigations were continuing.

Magistrate Victor Axiaq ordered the three to be held in remand. 

Lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and Amedeus Cachia were counsel to Nowsan Morat  and Shaian Bakoush. Dr Raisa Colomo appeared for Keith Micallef.