Three lanes will be opened to traffic at the Marsa junction and temporarily replace the existing northbound carriageway which is to be rebuilt.

Transport Minister Ian Borg gave the latest details when he visited the Marsa junction project site.

Dr Borg said that from the very start, the project was aimed to deliver works in a shorter time than stipulated.

In this case, one tender was divided into three to be able to start the preparations for the largest phase of this project. Had this not been done, this project would not have started yet.

He explained that during the second phase, works included the development of the new lanes as well as of pavements and cycle lanes in Triq Aldo Moro, the rebuilding of the service road in the southbound direction and the realignment and rebuilding from scratch of Triq il-Gvern Lokali.

Work was carried out on extensive networks for the distribution of water, electricity, drainage and telecommunication. More than seven kilometres of trenches and walk-through service culverts were necessary to transfer networks which pass through the junction and to develop further infrastructure for future needs.

A new 1.7-kilometre storm water system was also built underground.

The newly built roads are being strengthened with layers of geotextile and geogrid, which reduce the impact of subsurface water filtration and increase the lifetime of structures by strengthening road foundations.

Dr Borg said the government is working with the aim of connecting the north to the centre and the centre to the south. 

“Our plan is for the future; for the benefit of generations yet to come, so that they can enjoy an infrastructure which we could only dream of in the past," the minister said.