Fast-forward towards the end of a Riedel masterclass, and you can hear the attendees exclaim how they have been tasting wines in the wrong manner all their life, or how the masterclass was a life-changing experience.

A Riedel masterclass is a wine tasting class first and foremost, however, the focus of the tasting is not on the wine itself but actually on the glass, and how drinking wine in the right glass can change the taste and smell even of good-quality and expensive wines which are used during such tasting events.

Riedel, renowned for glass making, has revolutionised the way wine can be enjoyed. On June 29, Maximilian Riedel, the 11th generation glassmaker, will conduct a Riedel Masterclass at the Intercontinental Hotel in Saint Julian’s.

For this year’s masterclass, which has been an annual event since the year 2013, Mirachem (Marketing) Limited will be using Riedel Performance, the latest Riedel range of glassware. This is a glass which further enhances the wine tasting experience. Participants will be able to try high-quality wines, in different glasses and compare the difference in the shape and size of glasses and the effect they have on the same wines. As is customary during a Riedel Masterclass, participants get to keep the glass set used during the tasting – which is worth double the price of the ticket).

In the past Riedel Masterclasses organised in Malta, Mirachem has entertained over 1,000 people, who are now Riedel ambassadors and who have become loyal to the Riedel brand.

Bookings for this unique event are open and available online. The price for this event is €55 and includes free parking at the Eden Car Park. Participants also get a 25 per cent discount when dining at one of the Intercontinental Hotel restaurants on the night. Participants get to keep the masterpack – worth €90 – they use during the event.