Unfortunately for Mario Dingli (‘No action’, January 9), just a day prior to his letter being published, again referring to allegations that had surfaced in the Panama Papers and allegations  made by the former ‘failed’ Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil, who led the PN to its historic defeat, Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti clearly defined Busuttil’s allegations as ‘speculation’.

So first we had the Egrant story which, after a 15-month-long magisterial investigation, was found out to be a frame-up attempt on the Prime Minister’s family.

Now we have the second story, trumped up, once again, by Busuttil, which has been found by the court to be nothing more than mere ‘speculation’.

I wonder whether Dingli still remembers the video showing Busuttil walking in Republic Street, Valletta, together with his aides carrying about eight box-files, giving the impression they were full of documentary evidence he was presenting in court to substantiate his allegations against the Prime Minister, Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, Brian Tonna, Karl Cini and Adrian Hillman, alleging ‘money laundering’ etc.

When will Busuttil finally realise his time in the local political scene is over, especially now that he is even seen as unofficially heading the anti-Adrian Delia campaign, which has literally destroyed any faint hope that the PN could offer a credible opposition?

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