The time has come to start discussing changes to Maltese electoral law, the neutrality clauses (in the Constitution) and the role of the Broadcasting Authority, PL leader Joseph Muscat said this morning.

He said that the PL remained committed to starting a national Constitutional convention which would lead to second republic. Any eventual changes would be consensual and backed by the public, possibly through a referendum.

Dr Muscat made his comments at Lija - not a coincidental choice given that the foundations of self-government and the first National Assembly were laid in that village in 1921 (at Villa Gourgion). 

Dr Muscat said that any such Constitutional convention would encompass citizens from all walks of life.

"The Constitution has always been amended by politicians. We want other ideas to be discussed too," Dr Muscat said.

Discussion on whether or not the Broadcasting Authority board should include politically-nominated members would form part of the debate, but other broadcasting issues were also raised by the PL leader.

"Should the BA regulate public broadcasting? And if so, how will private broadcasters be regulated? Should it stick to just broadcasting, or should it be broadened to other media, such as the press? These are all questions worth asking," he said.

Malta's neutrality clause also needed updating, Dr Muscat said. He envisioned a Malta playing an active role in promoting dialogue among nations, which was also able to play its part in actions sanctioned by the UN Security Council or EU.

He said he had no problem with the way Partnership for Peace had developed, and said that another Libyan crisis would see the PL respond "in exactly the same way as this government did".

"Many things in our Constitution made sense at the time. But now they merit revision, with a European rather a post colonial mindset," Dr Muscat said.


Dr Muscat said that he unreservedly condemned threats former pl deputy leader Anglu Farrugia reportedly received and reiterated that Dr Farrugia still had a role to play within the PL.

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