In four short years, Manuel Delia has shifted from being a Nationalist Party insider to an outspoken blogger with little patience for either of the two major party leaders. 

The metamorphosis has prompted some to name him Daphne Caruana Galizia's heir apparent, but the former political operative says it is not a mantle he has any realistic chance of assuming. 

"Even thinking I could ever match what she did is preposterous," he says. "Daphne's great merit wasn't just that she was a brilliant writer - much better than I ever will be - but that people trusted her."

In this Times Talk interview, Mr Delia speaks of his admiration for the late Ms Caruana Galizia and admits that not enough time has passed for him to revisit the Arriva reform fiasco he played a key part in. 

The former PN man brushes aside insinuations that his criticism of the party's current leader, Adrian Delia, is fuelled by some ulterior motive, and insists he doesn't know where the future will take him. 

Watch the full interview in the video above.