These are the leading stories in local newspapers this Wednesday. 

Times of Malta reports on the ongoing migration crisis in which 500 people remain stranded in the central Mediterranean aboard two charity rescue ships.

The newspaper also writes that a woman who was pelted with hundreds of eggs at a bachelor's party last week will likely continue doing it in the future, with authorities saying they are powerless to help the vulnerable woman. 

The Malta Independent says that the United Nations is probing North Korea for having carried out cyberattacks on Malta and 16 other countries. 

L-Orizzont quotes Animal Welfare parliamentary secretary Clint Camilleri, who said that most karozzin drivers were obeying newly-introduced laws concerning horse-drawn carriage rides. 

In-Nazzjon reports on poverty among the elderly, with a member of the National Council for the Elderly saying that it is shameful to have people struggling to make ends meet when the country's public accounts were in surplus.