The Nationalist Party and its councillors’ vote on Saturday to hold a new leadership race are splashed across the front pages of local newspapers this Sunday.

The Sunday Times of Malta leads with a photo of Delia speaking in the aftermath of that vote and the headline “Adrian Delia on the brink”.

In a separate story, the newspaper reports that doctors and nurses have backed away from threats of industrial action over COVID-19 measures, as cases continue to rise.

The Malta Independent leads with photos of Delia and PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia voting in the PN ballot and reports that the party’s general council “votes for leadership election”.

In a separate article, the newspaper highlights an interview with the Labour Party’s new deputy leader Daniel Micallef. Micallef told the newspaper that the party’s role was not to be a “supporters’ club for the government”.

Malta Today splashes with the large headline “PN to elect a new leader” and a photo of Delia giving a post-vote press conference.

The newspaper also notes on its front page that there are now more active COVID-19 cases in the country than before the lockdown phase.

Illum writes that PN general council members showed no confidence in Delia and voted for a new leadership election.

It-Torċa breaks with the Delia-dominated theme and instead leads with a report calling for divorce laws to be reformed, allowing couples to split before four years of marriage are up.

The newspaper also writes that in terms of COVID-19, Malta is the second-least affected EU country.

Il-Mument reports that PN members will be voting for a leader. It cites Delia saying that he would be running as a candidate “with determination and courage” and PN MP Chris Said saying Saturday’s vote was a victory for all those who cared about the party.

Kullħadd writes that the PN has decided to hold a new leadership race and that Delia’s fate will be known at the end of August.

The newspaper also gives prominence to a report that there were 400 fewer people registering as unemployed last month and that Malta is now, for the first time ever, the country with the lowest unemployment rate in the eurozone.  

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