These are the leading articles in local newspapers this Saturday.

Times of Malta reports that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri will be forced to testify about his secret company 17 Black, with a court ordering him to take the witness stand in a libel suit he had filed.

The newspaper also reports that Malta has the second-highest rate of syphilis in Europe.

The Malta Independent reports on controversy concerning a casino concession, with the Dragonara casino operator accused of breaching contractual obligations by a rival.

L-Orizzont reports that karozzin drivers want an extra hour of work, following new regulations which will ban horse-drawn carriage rides between 1pm and 4pm during July and August.

In-Nazzjon reports on Keith Schembri having to testify, with the newspaper citing the court scolding Mr Schembri for trying to avoid having to do so.