The following are the top stories in Malta's newspapers on Wednesday.

Times of Malta reports that the diving sector is in dire straits with travel having been banned because of coronavirus. It also reports how Turkish workers working at the Fortina Hotel in Sliema have gone on hunger strike after not having been paid for weeks. 

The Malta Independent quotes the Association of Travel Agents saying bookings by Maltese to go abroad are still low but it is hopefully of a pick-up as the July 1 date for the partial reopening of the airport approaches. It also quotes former minister Chirs Cardona saying he would not do anything to harm the Labour Party or allow anyone to come up with plots that harm the party. 

Malta Today says Malta's representative to the EU, Daniel Azzopardi, was replaced by his predecessor after having failed to convince EU countries to take 425 migrants stranded in Malta.

In-Nazzjon gives prominence to the return to Malta of former minister Konrad Mizzi, who left in mid-March and was in the UK. It also reports PN criticism of the selection of Angelo Gafa' to become police commissioner, saying it is clear the prime minister wants to retain control. 

L-orizzont quotes lawyers saying there are no grounds for the inquiry into an Easter migrant rescue by the AFM to be reopened, as requested by the NGO Repubblika because of 'shortcomings'. The newspaper also focuses on the GWU's reaction to the government's latest post-coronavirus economic incentives, saying they would instil confidence in investors and bring about growth.  


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