These are the stories which made it to the front pages of Monday's newspapers:

The Times of Malta leads with a follow-up to the 2017 tragedy when a French teenager had drowned after jumping off the Fernandes II to swim to shore. It also reports on the decision to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono to fill the PN seat in parliament vacated by David Stellini, saying it was 'vitiated'.

The Malta Independent also leads with the PN controversy, focussing on Jason Azzopardi and asking him whether he has faith in leader Adrian Delia. It also reports on the setting up of a new eNGO called Futur Ambjent Wie─žed, which is to be headed by Claire Bonello.

L-Orizzont leads with the speech made by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat under the headline "The 'we' is more important than the 'I'". It also reports on the setting up of a new agency for the intergration of the disabled.

In-Nazzjon has PN leader Adrian Delia as its main story, with his promise that the Nationalist MEPS in the European Parliament would be a voice for all the Maltese and Gozitans.