The following are the top stories in Malta's newspapers on Sunday.

The Sunday Times of Malta interviews the Algerian man who made allegations about irregularities in the granting of Maltese visas in Algeria.

It also reports how a Briton has claimed sexual abuse by a priest in Malta several decades ago.

The Malta Independent on Sunday interviews the CEO of the Malta Financial Services Authority, who says a new organisational structure will strengthen supervision and governance. The newspaper also quotes the Dean of the Faculty of Laws saying the manner of appointment of members of the judiciary over the years gave rise to friends-of-friends criterion.

MaltaToday reports that Air Malta has made its first profit in 16 years. It also says the Judicial Appointments Committee has said that Yana Micallef Stafrace should not be appointed a magistrate because as her term as magistrate so far has been too short.  

Il-Mument's main focus is on the leadership race in the Labour Party, saying Konrad Mizzi was forced to deny he had a meeting with Chris Fearne.

It-Torċa reports how a contractor who supplies temporary workers pays them half pay even though he is paid for them in the same way as permanent workers. It also reports that a public consultation on the National Strategy for Adoptions will be held on March 25.

KullĦadd under the heading 'Unacceptable' says MEP David Casa wants a journalist to reveal his source. 

Illum highlights the plight of a 65-year-old woman who risks being kicked out of her flat. It also reports that two Boeing 737 Max aircraft were banned by Malta last week. Two aircraft of this type crashed over the past few months and the type has now been grounded.