The Sunday Times of Malta reports on the arrest of two men suspected of killing a man in a racially-motivated attack last month.

The newspaper also gives prominence to its second European election survey, which suggests Labour’s lead has narrowed but remains commanding.

The Malta Independent on Sunday leads with extracts from interviews with Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia and reports on the arrest of two soldiers for having killed migrant Lassana Cisse.

Malta Today also focuses on the murder of Mr Cisse, with a headline stating “In cold blood”. The newspaper also teases its own survey, which suggests Labour enjoys a 13-point lead.

It-Torċa reports on its own survey results, which indicate a 19.6 per cent lead for the Labour Party, one week before people go to the polls.

Il-Mument reports that Chris Fearne appeared on Xarabank last Friday against the Prime Minister’s wishes and says tensions between the PM and his deputy are running high.

Illum dedicates its front page to the racially motivated murder, with a front-page editorial and a large-font headline saying “They killed him because he was black”.

The newspaper also says that the PN parliamentary group has not met in two months.

Kullħadd also leads with news of the migrant murder, with a large headline highlighting Joseph Muscat’s call for Malta to “never again” see such a case repeat itself.


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