A court case concerning two soldiers who stand accused of having murdered a man as he was walking home just because he was black dominates front pages of newspapers this Saturday.

The Times of Malta reports on the testimony of one of the two soldiers who stand charged in that case, although its main front page story is reserved for the trauma of an elderly couple who now fear leaving their home after they were the victims of a violent mugging.

The Malta Independent leads with news from the soldiers’ court appearance, saying that the victim, Lassana Cisse, was hit by a bullet in the temple.

L-Orizzont reports that the two suspects had allegedly shot at migrants after they failed to find any cats to shoot their gun at.  

In-Nazzjon also leads with news of the court case, splashing with the headline ‘Shut up or I’ll shoot you too’, which is what one of the two soldier-suspects allegedly told the other after he had killed Mr Cisse.



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