These are the front page stories in local newspapers this Saturday.

The Times of Malta leads with news that Malta continues to be an EU laggard when it comes to gender equality, with a  European report saying the country has “considerable room for improvement”.

The newspaper also notes how a corruption probe into former Labour Party general secretary Jimmy Magro is still ongoing after 21 months.

The Malta Independent quotes PN MP Jason Azzopardi as telling them that he agrees with Simon Busuttil on the Egrant issue. Dr Busuttil caused uproar in parliament this week when he said he still believes the Panama company belongs to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

The newspaper also cites Dr Muscat, who in a speech said that the day could soon come when robots’ rights would need to be regulated.

L-Orizzont focuses on a press conference held by Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg on Friday, in which he noted that the government had spent €17 million improving roads this past summer.

In-Nazzjon gives front page prominence to news from overseas. A large photo marks Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding, while the newspaper’s key story focuses on Bulgaria, where a journalist was violently murdered last week. The story highlights the Bulgarian prime minister urging the media to not “compare us to Malta or Slovakia”.



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