These are the stories that made it to the front page of local newspapers on Monday.

The Times of Malta reports that speed guns are catching 26 cars an hour, while its other front page story blames the increase in property prices on the rising cost of land.

In-Nazzjon reports on the mother reunited with the newborn baby that she had abandoned in St Paul's Bay, also giving prominence to the Opposition leader's quest to get a full copy of the Egrant inquiry - and saying that the Attorney General should not be able to defy either the law or the people.

L-Orizzont also reports on the baby that had been abandoned with the Prime Minister saying that his father was just as much to blame for the situation as the mother. The newspaper also said that the Civil Protection received 5,200 calls for help in the first eight months of the year.

The Malta Independent carries a warning from the MHRA president Tony Zahra that delays would not help Air Malta's reputation. It also updates the story of the Finnish teen who defrauded a Maltese gaming company, saying that he and his parents have been sentenced.


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