These are the leading stories in local newspapers this Tuesday.

The Times of Malta leads with news of Baby Cristiano and his mother, writing that the mother had told nobody that she was pregnant.

The newspapers also reports on the case surrounding the murder of Hugo Chetcuti, where a court heard of the tycoon’s medical complications aftert having been stabbed.

The Malta Independent reports that prisoners at Corradino are going down the legal route in an attempt to improve their living conditions.

The newspaper also reports that the Budget 2019 speech will be held on October 22.

L-Orizzont reports on the upcoming Budget, quoting Edward Scicluna’s upbeat words about it being a “spring of wealth distribution”.

The newspaper also speaks to a child therapist who says baby Cristiano’s name should be changed, lest the infant be “branded for life” by media attention in the case.

In-Nazzjon also reports on the baby Cristiano case, writing that the mother has another child and was known to child protection services.


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