With in-store buying suffering a heavy hit from the pandemic, and most retailers stretching their Black Friday to a whole month – which translates into better deals – this year’s shopping fest will be a bit different than usual. Yet with all these changes, one element remain constant – the best deals are almost always on the following items. 


With time-at-home increasing for most, having a good television set has become imperative for any family’s entertainment diet. Black Friday is usually a good time to get a large screen TV – even with the latest HDR and 4k or even 8k technology. Of course, premium sets usually keep their price, with the more generous discounts reserved for the more mid-range TVs – but mid-range TVs nowadays deliver great picture and sound, which is what you need. 


E-readers and tablets make great Christmas gifts – and the best time to get them is during Black Friday. You will likely get good discounts on models that have already spent a year or so on the market – but if you plan to use your tablet just for casual browsing and streaming, then those models will suit you just fine. 

Game consoles

With both Sony and Microsoft announcing their latest generations of their consoles in the PS5 and Xbox Series X, retailers will be looking to shift the older models – and that means good discounts. Some retailers even bundle these models with the most popular games available as well as discounts on accessories. 

Home appliances

White goods and appliances are one of the best things you can buy on Black Friday – especially kitchen gadgets such as slow cookers, blenders, coffee makers and air fryers as well as other items such as robot vacuums. With a lot of people staying and cooking at home, expect these items to sell out quickly. 

Smart home devices

Technology is usually heavily discounted every Black Friday – and this extends to smart home devices. Amazon is already including most of its Echo devices in its daily deals – other items such as Google Nest are already discounted, so if you want to make your home smarter and safer, now is the time to do so at a discount. 

Winter clothing

It’s getting chilly out there – and during Black Friday, you can save a lot on a new winter coat or a pair of boots that you’ve set your sights on. Retailers will offer good discounts on heavy winter stuff like quilted jackets and puffers, so that they clear space for spring wardrobes. 

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