Everyone is exposed to hundreds of trademarks and designs every day and at the same time new goods appear on the market daily which makes attracting customers a challenge.

Purchasing decisions taken by consumers are usually based on a good overall impression, a strong trademark and attractive design. It is extremely important that the trademark and design are developed to attract customers’ attention and therefore, should be legally protected.

Both the trademark and the product design are considered as business assets and by registering them, the owner will have exclusive rights, besides the right to prevent third parties from making, selling or using articles in which the trademark or design is incorporated or to which it is applied.

Other advantages of registering a trademark and design include the possibility of opening up new paths and new markets even abroad. By registering for a European Union Trademark (EUTM) and a Registered Community Design (RCD), which coexist and are complimentary to the national trademark or design, a trademark or design is also registered at EU level giving owners exclusive rights in all 28 EU countries Obtaining protection of a trademark and design is a practical way to define and protect innovation.

Applications for the protection of a trademark and design in Malta can be submitted at www.ips.gov.mt. For further information on how to protect and register a trademark and design in Malta, visit the Industrial Property Registrations Directorate section on the Commerce Department website at www.commerce.gov.mt or speak to Business 1st.

For information on protecting and registering a trademark and design in the European Union, visit the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) at www.euipo.europa.eu. Protecting and registering a trademark and design is an important factor towards making a business successful.

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