A diverse group of musicians of different abilities and backgrounds sits down to write some new songs about Malta. The first topic that comes to mind? Traffic.

The result - an upbeat, cheery piece that includes the lyric “always sitting, not moving, and thinking it’s here that I die” - is part of the Valletta 2018 project Mewġa Mużika, an interactive musical work curated by the Portuguese group ondamarela.

The project brought together 300 musicians - of all different ages and levels of experience - in a massive community orchestra headed by maestro Tim Steiner, who has been leading intensive workshops and public performances since January ahead of a final concert on Sunday.

The concert will feature several original songs - not all about traffic - emerging from the orchestra's work, as well as a couple of known pieces. 

Mr Steiner said Mewġa Mużika aimed to offer a platform for local musicians from all walks of life, while creating a community-led art project that reflects the culture and experiences of those involved.

The Mewġa Mużika concert will take place at the Mdina Ditch on September 9 at 7pm, after a full-day programme of interactive musical activities and workshops.


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