Newly-elected Labour MEP, Josianne Cutajar, was given “presidential” treatment last week with two motorcycle policemen accompanying her carcade from Mġarr to her parents’ house in Nadur.

Gozo ferry passengers waiting to make the crossing back to Malta said the two police officers were seen waiting together with a number of cars carrying Labour Party supporters at Mġarr harbour on May 27.

“To our surprise, as soon as the arriving ship lowered its ramp, the new 28-year-old MEP, Josianne Cutajar, disembarked, waving to her supporters and was given a hero’s welcome,” one of the passengers recalled.

Another commuter said what really surprised him was the fact the two police officers switched on the blue lights and sirens of their service motorcycles and escorted the “spontaneous” carcade.

The two policemen stayed with the carcade all the way to the residence of Dr Cutajar’s parents, where she was again warmly welcomed by neighbours and well-wishers.

A police spokesman said that two outriders accompanied the carcade to control traffic.

“The two police officers were only dispatched to Mġarr harbour to ascertain the smooth flow of traffic,” he said. However, given the number of vehicles gathered at Mġarr, the officers decided to lead the carcade from a distance to help with the traffic flow.

“The officers were not there to serve as outriders or to lead the carcade but the intention was to avoid traffic jams,” the spokesman insisted.

The officers were only dispatched to Mġarr harbour to ascertain the smooth flow of traffic

The “spontaneous” carcade happened just after 8pm, when, according to Gozitan residents, the roads there were usually quiet.

Footage shows the two motorcycle policemen leading a carcade of about 10 cars.

Police outriders regularly accompany the President of Malta and, on certain occasions, even the Prime Minister.

Graduating as a lawyer in 2012, Dr Cutajar was elected as a councillor in Nadur on the same year and was immediately put on the government’s payroll in 2013 as a legal coordinator at the Office of the Prime Minister. She was also appointed as deputy chairwoman of Gozo Channel.

Dr Cutajar is the first Gozitan to make it to the European Parliament.

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