That Premier Muscat's trolls and minions were, are and will forever be simply gagging for the opportunity to deflect the country's attention from the awesome stench of corruption wafting from the very seat of power and influence is a given.

It is equally axiomatic that they keep having to (try to) make us think of issues other than Ministers Bartolo and Bonnici's craven attempts to gag public opinion by clamping down on free comment and expression. That these attempts are and will remain futile and have served only to underline the stark fact that these people hate anyone gainsaying them is irrelevant: the mere fact that they tried is enough.

This applies, in spades, to Konrad Mizzi, "Egrant" and Keith Schembri's attempt to set up handy cash processing structures in Panama. The mere fact that this trio - and pretty please, gentlemen from Nexia BT, don't even bother issuing a statement saying Egrant is "yours" we all know what that means - set up the structure is enough. The fact that they hadn't actually put in some luvverly money by the time the gaff was blown is completely irrelevant.

And, pretty, pretty please, don't try to shove that silly audit by Howarth down our throats, either. We're not all gullible morons who think that an audit like that, which by definition relied on what they told the auditors and allowed them to see, is worth anything more than a bucket of warm spit.

Just to spell it out: the audit report tells us that at the time of the audit, the structures were what they were and contained what they contained. The auditors obviously were not privy to what was clattering around in the corridors of their minds and consequently they were unable, not being soothsayers and mind-readers, to report on what their real intentions were.

Frankly, I'm surprised a reputable firm lent itself to this charade.

But getting back to those straws on to which the trolls and minions latch all the time, the latest of these being that Report by those "Three Wise Men".

The three ex-Judges failed to find any evidence at all that Beppe Fenech Adami had in any way, shape or form interfered with, influenced or otherwise obstructed the activities of the relevant authorities in their investigation of Capital One.

And they said so, albeit using terms of such caution and circumspection that for a minute, you might, though I could never, say that they were really trying hard to give the trolls and minions something on which to hang their bonnets.

Did this failure to find anything deter the trolls and minions?

Of course not, the Labour-supported, and Government-sponsored in some cases, social media and comments boards, especially the un-moderated ones allowed to exist by media houses that in other contexts propose themselves as paragons of journalistic virtue, were alight with splutters and fulminations with question "what is Simon Busuttil going to do now?"

Here's the answer, folks: nothing other than to keep on hounding Premier Muscat to do something about the corruption and totalitarianism that are growing stronger by the second in his house.

There is nothing to be done about Beppe Fenech Adami because Beppe Fenech Adami did nothing wrong, punto e basta.



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