A tunnel between Malta and Gozo was the only way for Gozo’s economy to be fully integrated into the national one, the Malta Developers’ Association said.

In a statement, it said it had already declared itself in favour of the tunnel three years ago and studies undertaken or being carried out were positive and should lead to the project’s approval.

The MDA said NGOs and other entities opposing the project were doing all they could to block the tunnel project. They were repeatedly asking for further studies in the hope that these would lead to the project being abandoned, developers said. 

A tunnel would spell the end for economic disparities between Malta and Gozo, developers said. 

Although the MDA said that tunnel sceptics were continuously asking for more studies, the government itself appeared to contradict that assertion

Just hours before the MDA issued its statement, the government said that it would only release its own studies into the tunnel project "soon" as part of the project's permit application. 

The Church Environment Commission earlier this week joined over 13 NGOs warning there was no reliable information in the public domain allowing people to make an informed decision about the tunnel or any alternatives.


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