World Cup pundit Joanna Camilleri has filed a police report after a commentary slip-up that triggered a barrage of sexist comments.

Along with the Malta Sports Journalists Association, Camilleri on Friday filed a report citing the sexist and misogynistic comments as ‘hate speech’.

“It’s disappointing to see that there are still people who ridicule others behind the safety of social media,” said the association’s president Sandro Micallef.

The slip came at the end of the England-Iran World Cup game, Camilleri telling her colleagues “who knows how proud the Queen is right now”.

When the other pundits pointed out that Queen Elizabeth II passed away earlier in the year, Camilleri said that she was sure that the late queen was praying for the football team, wherever she may be.

The clip was shared online and quickly went viral, receiving a lot of hate along the way.

Camilleri shared a few select comments, some saying that “her period must be coming” while others telling her to get back in the kitchen and “wash the floor”.

“Why so much hate? Why so much damage?” she wrote.

“Why so much hatred when a person is simply trying to do their job and deliver a service!!”

The Institute of Maltese Journalists had been quick to condemn the fans’ behaviour, saying that they were only meant to “intimidate and discourage journalists, especially female journalists, from exercising their duty".

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