Darrell Lea Foods Ltd, is set to try exporting the locally popular Twistees to Germany.

The company, which produces 35,000 packets of Twistees per day, already exports almost a third of its production to the Middle East and the UK.

Finance Minister Tonio Fenech admitted today to being a fan of the product, saying during a tour of the factory that seeing the production process was “a childhood dream come true”.

“I don’t know anyone in Malta who doesn't like Twistees, he remarked.

Company chairman Ray Calleja explained how Twistees are made using rice which is heated, baked and passed through a slurry which gives it its characteristic flavour. It is then automatically packaged and boxed.

The company which also produces Tastees, Twistees Lite, Jungle Sticks and Pom Poms, has been operating for over 40 years.

Mr Fenech encouraged other Maltese companies to try exporting their goods.


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