The Bureau of Air Accident Investigation is looking into an accident at the airport that involved a towed aircraft and caused the diversion of two passenger aeroplanes headed to Malta. 

A Malta International Airport spokesperson said the accident happened at 11.29am, but provided no details about its nature.

Sources said the Ryanair aircraft was being towed when it detached from the tow truck and crashed into fuel bowsers, causing a leak.

Video: TikTok

No passengers were aboard the aircraft and no one was injured.

The airport’s rescue and fire-fighting team was dispatched to the scene immediately, and the aerodrome was temporarily closed.

It re-opened for flight operations at 12.20pm.

LH1276 operated by Lufthansa from Frankfurt and UG1300 operated by Tunisair from Tunis-Carthage were diverted to Catania and Tunis respectively.

Other flights might be delayed.

The spokesperson said the incident site has been cordoned off and is being monitored by the police and fire-fighting team.

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