Updated on Friday at 9.50am with MIA, Ryanair statements

Two passenger planes collided at Malta International Airport on Thursday night, though nobody on board was injured. 

Ryanair said on Friday one of its aircraft was taxiing to stand at Malta Airport  when its winglet scraped the tail of a Turkish Airlines aircraft.

Both aircraft were under the instructions of Malta Air Traffic Control at the time.

Ryanair's Boeing 737 had landed while the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 was bound for Istanbul.

MIA said the impact between the wing tip of the Ryanair aircraft and the tail stabiliser of the Turkish Airlines aircraft resulted in minor damage.

Passengers were seen leaving the Turkish Airlines aircraft shortly after the incident, witnesses said.

Engineers were swiftly on the scene to establish the extent of the damage.

Ryanair said that to minimise delay, customers were transferred to a replacement aircraft, which departed to Bari shortly afterwards, while the minor damage to the wingtip was repaired.

Thursday's Turkish Airlines evening flight had still not left Malta on Friday at 10am and no estimated time of departure was being given.

MIA said it was now supporting the authorities in their investigations. It regretted any inconvenience caused to passengers on board the aircraft but said the circumstances were outside its control.

The MIA website showing the flights delayed as a result of the incident.The MIA website showing the flights delayed as a result of the incident.



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