Ten-year-old Bana al-Abed is a Syrian girl from Aleppo, a city destroyed by the civil war. 

When she was 7, she opened a Twitter account where she documented the siege of the city. Their tweets documented issues such as airstrikes, destruction, hunger, displacement, the real possibility of her family dying, the al-Bab district of eastern Aleppo, and her general calls for peace.

In just a couple of months, the Twitter account, managed by Bana’s mother, had hundreds of thousands of followers and had garnered the attention of international news media channels. 

Bana’s home was bombed down, her father was injured because of the bombing, her best friend died because of the war and her family had to take refuge in another country. 

The al-Abed family is now safe and living in Turkey, however their presence on Twitter continues to be strong, focusing on the reality of many children like Bana that still suffer because of the war. 

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