Planning to propose this Christmas? Here are four places where your loved one will probably say yes, says Payton Simone

Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year. The celebration of the birth of Christ brings families together to share meals, love, and wishes for the new year. All the twinkling lights, the stars shining in the sky, and the atmosphere of peace creates romantic settings to tell those you love how deeply you care.

And in the spirit of giving, many of us are thinking of giving the warmest gift of all, the gift of marriage. If you’re one of those who is looking to show your commitment to the most special person in your life this Christmas season, here are some wonderful places that are guaranteed to sweep your beloved off their feet.

If they are romantic: Mdina

If the love of your life is in love with everything, Mdina could be the perfect place to pop the question. The Mdina proposal is for a special kind of woman who has a penchant for beauty and romance. After all, what is more romantic than professing your love in a place where thousands have before you?

Mdina gives a fairytale atmosphere, perfect for those who are passionate about love and rich history

Mdina gives a fairytale atmosphere, perfect for those who are passionate about love and rich history. You can tailor your proposal to their personal style. If they love the limelight, perhaps a proposal on the main strip and a celebratory glass of champagne at any nearby bar; if they are coy, a private proposal in one of the many alleyways adorned with light fixtures and surrounded by the coloured doors shared between lovers and family for centuries. Add the Christmas décor and you’re sure to get the “yes” you’ve been waiting for.

If they are devout: Near a church

If your loved one is religious, they will undoubtedly appreciate an homage to that love in tandem with your own. For many, Christmas is about more than family, love, and the spirit of giving – it is a time for spiritual reconnection with God.

If your lovely future partner shares a spiritual connection, the perfect proposal could be in, around, or with an amazing view of a church. Including the place of worship that is close to their heart is sure to bring comfort and blessing to your future marriage, and they will be grateful for your tribute to a belief system that has cradled them and made them feel most loved in their lifetime.

If they are outdoorsy: Top of the World, Għargħur

There is something to be said for a beautiful outdoor proposal. For those who love to explore the great outdoors, Top of the World in Għargħur is the perfect place to make a life commitment. This location offers a peaceful overview of all of Malta; a place to take a deep breath and decompress.

At sunset, the view can take even the most seasoned explorers’ breath away and set a very romantic tone. There are even benches if you fancy having a seat to drink in the moment. A Top of the World proposal is the perfect beginning to future escapades that will open your voyagers’ heart and mind to all of the possibilities of a life together.

If they just want you: At home, under the Christmas tree

Your loved one is classic and minimalist. They don’t need much but a cup of coffee or a cosy sweater to make them smile this Christmas.

For someone low maintenance yet loving, a small ring box on the branch of the Christmas tree could be enough to make them sing with joy. The best part of this proposal is the lack of wait time to come home and snuggle up.

No matter how you decide to propose, one thing remains more important than location or style – staying true to your heart. You know them best, so let this Christmas bestow the love and courage you need to say all the things you’ve always wanted to say to that special person in your life.

Regardless of carat count, present company, or buzz of busyness, your proposal should be something both of you will remember for a lifetime.

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