Data shows 20 per cent of the working population is suffering from mild or moderate mental health conditions, Mental Health Commissioner John Cachia said.

Ten unions pledged to take steps to prioritise mental well-being at the workplace on Tuesday, insisting employers needed to take action on protecting mental health.

"Good health is good business," the unions said.

The joint declaration on mental wellbeing was signed by several unions including the Malta Police Association, the Malta Union of Teachers and the Malta Employers’ association.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement, Dr Cachia said employers had to stop seeing workers’ mental health problems as an inconvenience.

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Family and the workplace are the two biggest causes of stress for those going through mental health issues, he added.

Workers with mental disorders might take sick leave more frequently, but low sick leave did not necessarily equate with productivity, unions said in the joint deceleration.

When people still went work while facing mental health problems, they would be faking their health, the unions added.


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