Every woman is unique. She has her own dreams and aspirations and her own path to follow. And yet all women share something in common: they want optimally-moisturised and protected skin, a radiant and flawlessly even complexion with a smooth, natural finish.

To meet their individual needs and their collective expectations, Chanel created CC Cream, a universal beauty cream with multiple superpowers.

Its formula combines active skincare ingredients, subtle pigments and UV filters for enhanced skin in a single application.

With over three million units of CC Cream already produced, Chanel now reinvents this “must-have” cream with a protective formula that delivers greater hydration and a finer, melt-away texture for a healthy and luminous make-up finish. Equally effective as a primer in the morning or for a boosted touch of radiance at any time of day, the new CC Cream by Chanel is the “superhero” skincare product that no woman will want to do without!

The cream combines form and substance, with murunga plum extract, its new active ingredient selected to strengthen its skincare benefits. It is teeming with a host of ingredients offering an instantly enhancing texture that improves the quality of skin with each application.

Among others it offers an even skin tone in total discretion; lavish hydration with the skin immediately appearing smoother, re-plumped, more supple and comfortable; absolute protection and glow-boosting action.

The cream can be applied at any time of day – first thing in the morning, for a boosted touch of radiance throughout the day or at night before going out.

How? After your skincare ritual, apply a dab of CC Cream smoothing from the centre of the face outward. Reapply as much as desired for greater coverage, or apply a subtle hint of powder for a more sophisticated finish.

It is good for all skin types, even sensitive skin and comes in a palette of five shades Beige: B10, B20, B30, B40, B50.

(Content provided by Alfred Gera & Sons Ltd.)


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